Thursday, February 15, 2007


just remember: when you see that star shining at its
brightest, its already been dead for a thousand years.

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Mac said...

Yeah, well sorta, but not really. One of wildest implications of Special Relativity is that someone moving at the right place in the universe, at the right speed, will see me typing this and that star exploding at the exact same time. And that experience is true and valid. There is no Absolute Simultaneity. Every point in space-time exists and always has existed and always will exist.

Of course, this doesn't jibe with quantum randomness. Stars and observers of stars are all made of fundamentally quantum forms that exist as probabilistic wave functions until interaction with another wave function causes them to collapse to a point particle (or a string of some kind). All points exist and are unknowable at the same time.

Apotheosis said...

Thanks Mac ...Just when I thought I could focus on good old solid EARTH SCIENCES you drag Theoretical Physics back into my lobes :)

Dr. Weezil said...
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Lilly said...

Ah haha ha ha ha! Y'all are fantastic! Stars just don't die eirther...they freaken explode! Supernova baby! and even after the big KA-BOOM it's black hole time...fuck yeah...nothing really long as there's someone around to remember...