Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canada Dry, Sex, and Cocaine

There's a war inside my body
it tares at me every which way
from brain to heart to hips and toes love
circle 'round and back again
and it's you my friend who's fired
the first shot into my veins

Oh fuck! the rush
my god, the quake
I tremble, you brush by
the slight chill of your passivity
just simply drives me wild

Now love who bares no ego
well not one I've yet to find
your hair has broken free it's bounds
slipped forward, hides your eyes
and if I'm found bold enough to meet your gaze
through each strand fallen reflexively into place
my stomach twists up inside itself
goose-bumps assault my thighs
Oh fuck my love!
you're intensity electrified
I'm melted, paralyzed
and oh more than ever willing
to fill your glass along with mine

I want to seep into your skin love
I want to feel you when I breathe
I want your hands upon my wrists
I want to feel the squeeze
of my heart and brain and tingling hips love
waging war upon one another
for your eyes to drift in a direction
of most intimate consequences
I want these brutal wrenches of affection

Bring me to my knees love
hold my hair, draw up my eyes
to meet yours as you strip those strings
love SHOCK me left and right
take it slow
subtle one
I'm keen to anticipate
I can smell antiquity
flowing through your blood
you see for now love
I'm most content
just trying to catch
the lighting bolts
off of your eyes as they reflect
I need it

my body's at war with itself and you're winning

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