Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Points of indeterminable size

I was reclining on the loveseat
In the library in the sun
Not thinking about anything
And feeling the time standing still

But time started back up again
When I started to think
Of why sloth is considered by some a sin
And why some think time is an enemy

But I know time is just the dimension “above” me
In that dimension
There is a multitude of me-s
That exist on offshoots of moments
If you think of moments like points along a line
Or rather more like points along the lines making up some kind of crazy time ball

I like to imagine that mine is shaped like a sea Urchin

Now I recognize that those branches are influenced
By choice, chance, and transaction
So some where, some time, some how, in a transaction

I picked up some Quantum physics

That the subatomic particles
The ones that make up my world
Are collapsed from waves of probability
And that’s done by the mere act of observation

So now by my foolish thinking
I realize that I’m collapsing the indeterminate waves of my probable futures

And it bums me out

But it was really something else
When time stood still


Lilly said...

thank's been some TIME since i've read a we post to where i haven't recognized the poster in the first line...

Mac said...

I still can't stop reading this one. There's something about the romance of infinity.