Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Women

My world is a woman
a mother I call Earth
beautiful and strong
wise and calculating
She may be bitter at times
ever vengeful for our gluttony
Though her patience is immeasurable
and her hand is always open to hold us
My ship is a woman
Her lines steady and taught
to keep her in a safe motion
to take us to new and wild shores
She lets us believe we direct the voyage
while she turns us blind in storm
but she'll bring us in come daylight
My mind is a woman
pitting this against that
discriminating all and nothing
She teases me with dream and hope
and burns me with truth and fact
as a woman will do
As my sun is a woman
who will never stay
and my youth is a woman
destroying herself for temporary pleasure
My heart is a woman
who hates and aches for hating
And my art is a woman
who persistently tires of routine
My women are devious and cold
but comforting and loving
Taking all I have
as a woman will do
But their eyes disclose a secret
you can only see in desperate hours
My women are not my women
I am theirs to carry
and that is why I lose the fight

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Dr. Weezil said...


It seems we are in agreement and complete opposites at the same time...