Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Like You Have Anything Better To Do?

Today is Tuesday.

Which makes tonight Diner Night.

It starts at 10:10pm and doesn't end until atleast tomorrow.

Stacy Jones will be making buttons, I'm sure those guys with beards will show up, Brownstone will be doing his thing and I'm sure Mac will atleast try and make it.

Diner Night at the Toms River Diner. Poetry, Jokes, Questions, Conversations concerning the Cosmos and CAD drawings of Alto Shaams upon request.

For CAD drawings, please allow 5-8 business days. All other requests can expect instant gratification. Except for bonfires. those take alittle planning.

I expect to see you there.


marionerin said...

oh, i am so there.

Mac said...

What in the holy fuck is a CAD drawing?

Publisher said...

computer aided drawing you redundant fool

Anonymous said...

haha It's those drawings we saw on the Alto Shaam website.

Mac said...

Oh, those are awsome! I love CAD drawings!