Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I dreamt I met Sara Garmin in a Dream

I dreamt I met Sara Garmin in a dream.
It began on a baseball field and all my friends
were there playing baseball. They weren't up
at bat or anything and sitting in the dugout.
I think I felt that they lost the game and things
were rapping up and they were all headed
to the diner.

I was in my car and using my Garmin
to find the diner. She said in a british
accent that I had programmed for her
to get on route 9 north and eventually
I would hit a diner. and she said it in
a way like it was obvious, that there
is always a diner with your friends
on route 9 north.

When I got there my friends were there,
on the far side of the diner against the wall.
But I was seated somewhere else
and I didn't object. And Sara Garmin
with that British accent asked me
for my order. (As if it should have
been obvious) I didn't know
what I wanted but stared at Sara
with her short black hair
and notebook waiting for
my next direction.

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