Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rattling Windows and Buckets of Hope

okay so here we go
feeble be it may

dreaming last night
your giant bed
drowning in the down comforter
and out the giant double windows
the city at night lit up and dreaming

strolling through vivid half awake semi-sleep hallucinations
and I am dreaming,
of a strange neighbor of yours
from across the hall
who keeps barging in
and milling about
in your apartment

then (in this dream)
you have to drive me
to the airport
to go back to Jersey

but that's completely irrelevent

now awake 11:30am
in your Russian Hill abode
on top of the world
you've left for a meeting
and golfing
and i'm on the balcony smoking

and someone starts knocking
and it's your landlord or something
and now there are all these people here
measuring the 80 million windows
in you living room
that provide the panoramic view
of our city San Francisco

and in the bedrooms
and accidentally in the bathroom
they're just milling about your apartment
with a tape measure

and i wouldn't have answered the door
if i hadn't thought it was you
forgetting something

and i wouldn't have let them in
but they seemed to be of authority
I mean, he was dressed like a Rabi

and lately i've been
contemplating religion


Dr. Weezil said...

I can see all of this...

::le sigh::

god, how I miss my beautiful city and those who live there that I so dearly love.

Lilly said...


Mac said...

I love the turn around at the end. Great use of details. I the poem could have done without the first stanza. It comes off like a stutter. And in the middle, don't tell me what's irrelevant.

Other than that it's great.