Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not With Me

I used to post my stuff (before I met you wonderful lads and lassies) on a site called Art Conspiracy. I figured I'd post some of the stuff that was on there to show alittle bit of contrast. We're all friends so you should all know where I come from. This is probably from 2003-2004.

The soft caress of my hand moving gracefully around the curve in your neck
quickly became a strangling embrace, forcing the life from your body.
As the light left your eyes, you looked so Beautiful.
Goodnight, my Darling.

And there's nothing I'd like more
than to put out cigarettes on your arms.
And there's nothing I'd like more
than to hear you scream and cry.

This seething anger quickly replaces my tears
of lonely frustration.
And as my hands fall from my face,
they harden into fists of rage.

-My cheeks are dry, dear. My eyes don't leak-

This was all written in a promise mailed to you 6 months ago.!!
Take it out now and read it outloud.
You scream, You shout, but your words will just
go in one end And out the other
Just like they always did

And when you come to tell me that this poem was lame?
I'll shudder I'll Laugh And I'll spit in your face
It was always a game And i was just playing
And as for the new GUY thats come into YOUR life?
Baby, he's a boy.

And everytime his lips touch your face
You'll think of me
And everytime his hand holds yours
You'll think of me
And i hope everytime he makes you cry
You'll think of me
And everytime he hurts you
You'll think of me
Every slap across your face
You better think of me!

And when you die, baby girl?
You will think of me

-And my cheeks will be dry, dear. My eyes won't leak-

Because every mistake you make from here to the grave, will be...

Because you were not with me.


marionerin said...

Whoa... that girl must have done some pretty fucked up shit.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah. But I was also like 18. So, I probably over reacted.