Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I Loved Hershey Bars. (Unchanged since 1918 and again in 2007)

Everyday was Diner Day when I was in High School. Another Piece from Art Con. 2004-2005. The Original name for this was "Why I Love Hershey Bars." Even that has changed now.

That sweet smell of Nostalgia made its way into my nose and back into my brain as i made my way into the town where i was born. I made my way into the diner, where i had spent so many days and nights. When everyone knew my name. When everyone knew what i wanted. "Give me a coffee," thats what i muttered to the waitress at the counter. "Just give me a coffee and nothing else." I don't want to bore you with stories of the past, but the price of coffee had gone up in town since i'd been away. An additional 25 cents. And the Diner looked no good; Well, worse than it had years before. And the waitresses were all new and they had changed the menus and the managment had all left. I had no more friends in that dank place.
-Change is no good.-

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