Wednesday, February 06, 2008

contemplating the progression of purple water through photos of a dog

Okay Jack! I'm missing you
and your forever loyal Gretchen
I miss the birds on your front lawn
pecking at the ground
I miss painting
water dripping
throughout your house
cigarettes and wine
thoughts exchanged
on your side porch
And when you'd come home from work Jack
pull in the driveway
lock up the gate
When you'd walk through the door
loyal Gretchen shakes her tail for you Jack
while awkwardly I fall in love
and I know there's no explaination needed
for it's not a love of lust
it's more like knowing in those moments
that remembering them will feel just
as intense and comfortable
as our time spent was, your influence
purple water on the brush

Okay Jack
I'm missing you
and your iron-on
Cheshire grin
I miss your honesty
your philosophies
your poetry
your art
I miss talking about everything
listening, taking all of it in
I miss our humble hillside friendship
I miss you Jack
I miss Gretchen

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