Monday, February 11, 2008

forecast west

I've been back and forth
spent many alone hours
at the mercy of airport music
sleeping sitting up, shades on
getting high off my own adrenaline
and the romance of traveling

After twenty four hours
of transfers and turbulence
jingling the dimes in my pockets
charging my phone in terminal sockets
I'm standing around baggage claim
while they attempt to locate
my lost luggage again

Now, in some rundown neighborhood
in some horror flick of an apartment
where the rent is so low
the walls might as well be
those of a casket
I'm dead waiting

For a few fools mingling about
a mall parking lot
who obviously have
communication problems
they keep ringing
demanding directions from me
to where I am
when some among them
have more of a clue
then I ever will

So now crammed in the back of a Mustang
with three kids who love ICP
and have no idea how to navigate
all on our way to take part in
some backwards backwoods affair
revolving around a rodent
that would rather be sleeping

I flew in for this
I keep telling myself
I flew in for all of you
to see you more time
before I don't fly back again

It's against the rules
to have expectations
you see, I've been awake now
for more than forty eight hours
from the clouds to touchdown
from storm front to coach light
making up for lost time
drinking wine like a fish
thinking of Bacchus
dancing and dosed
realizing this trip is my own

And I guess it could be the weather
or the hum you all create
the one that dreams of crescendo
the one that lusts in the direction of wander
that makes me smile wider
because I know where I belong
I know where I really am

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