Thursday, February 28, 2008

jordans thumb

jordan seemed all slack
as he hitched over the causeway bridge
and the sky washed grey and faded cold
his thumb also
seemed angelicly apathetic
to the problems
of this world
and his underdressed frame
and certainly his feet
cuz it stuck out limp
askin for a ride
with no noticable effort

i swung the car around
picked him up
and his feet
and his slackful thumb
he told me about an eclipse in seattle that he slept through
and dark haired womens couches in manhattan
and how its good to get out of the city
for a little while

Jordan talked about wanderin the spinnin earth
and how women love firemen in the cities of the east
and asked honest questions
about motivation and decision and value
all the while his thumb said nothing
angellically indifferent to the ride i was giving
or the words we were exchanging
or the weight of the day
with problems and fortunes

and now
sometimes i feel better
thinking of jordan making it through the world
and experiencing women and missing eclipses
sometimes i feel better
thinking of his thumb angellicaly unconcerned and coasting
all slack and unaffected in the elements

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