Monday, February 11, 2008


can't deny the obvious child
dancing barefoot in the living room
holding every hand from coast to coast
loving everyone with all of herself

well she may be just a sunspot
accelerating particles to higher energies
interfering in the plasma of our souls
causing magnetic sub-storms to explode

she can't deny the obvious
although many a time she's tried
you see the thing is simple love
she feels you all all day and night

she can hear every whisper
the ones you whisper to yourselves
she's hears you screaming
begging, she feels your misery child
she knows you lie to yourselves

and theres no cure for the obvious child
just hit repeat and play again
theres nothing more to know nothing left to discover
put yourself out into it
over and over and over

don't deny the obvious child
you know where you want to be
can't keep trying to deny the obvious child
only hope for eyes that see
and songs that sing along my friend
and friends that do the same
feet that dance you through the night,
and out way past 6am

only hope for souls that want to know you
only hope for arms that want to hold you
hold you up and hug you back
arms that aren't afraid of the obvious child
for we are only children anyway
afraid of each other
afraid of the obvious
denying each other
denying the obvious

just hit repeat play again
sit and listen it's obvious child
dance if it takes you there
we are all just obvious children
obvious children anyway

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