Tuesday, February 05, 2008


im courting with a hooker
aint that a shame?
shes givinn me the things i need to get past makin the cut
i got the number that i need to get it through
i got the number i need to get down from here

ive been payin my way in small stolen change
im a desperate man
ive got a desperate plan
warning you
you got to give me that liquid in your veins
i know its laced with hallucinations
its got all your nightmares written down
and categorized according to what level
itll leave you in hell

when i feel im getting free
ill be on the floor
writhing on my stomach
like a forming moon
when i feel im turning
ill be in your arms
with no where to hide
just leave me in the sun
i'll flush my skin down the rocks
and you'll see what i mean
when i say i fear i've caught the stalks

i dont need these legs
they're made for runnin
im not a coward anymore
as long as i keep cutting
the stalks from growing into the face of the moon
we will have harvest

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