Wednesday, February 06, 2008

learning love

He kisses her goodbye
She lies topless in his bed
He rushes out the door
It rains outside again
She sleeps a little more
puts on a shirt, smokes a cigarette

She wants to wait for his return
She wants to fly so far away
so he has no chance to break her heart
She's manic in that way
She finds it hard to be
a butterfly these days

All she knows
are gypsies shoes
how to tumble with the wind
and moving when the music moves you
to look beyond the skin

She knows about the weather
especially the rain
She feels you standing next to her
both happiness and pain

So gypsy babe
grabs up her boots
ties them patiently
throws her bag over her left shoulder
and walks out the door into the day

Because after all
is said and done
She knows her heart
She knows her head
and that there are no mistakes made
only friends to teach and learn with

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