Monday, January 09, 2006

early a.m. freeway recollection

Drive across the towns that separate memories from experience
wondering where thoughts are hidden
its been two long years without food or water
not so much as a crust of bread
but I'm finally beautiful again
and as the remnants of this terrible body crumble away
revealing magazine perfection the one consistent thought
I'll look damn good at my wake
this sequence of numbers arranged by location and memorized by the understanding and appreciative
souls don't stir unless provoked
and you've been jabbing a stick in my cage for sometime now
the bathroom lunatics all line up for special favors but I've never enjoyed the touch of cold porcelain
tie me to a railroad track I'll rescue myself
let down my golden hair
and spin straw into gold if you can guess the name
then Bo Peep gets her sheep back
I'll be walking shallow beaches waiting for the call

nesting in an aviary
bathing with the crows and pheasants
mastering the art of flight
controlled within your presence

its better to know I'm almost sure of it now
but I can't read binary nor do I understand the complexities of Morse code
so I'll be here waiting for engraved invitations
to the land of comprehension in the suburb of explanation
(fuck a ryhmme scheme, i'm a dick)

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