Thursday, January 05, 2006

She cried, "Jesus save me!" but he obviously didn't
And everything was locked together in one
Awful moment
No guns or knives or brutal threats swam in the pool where this vicious danger hit so many faces at once
Some colonel tracked her steps
Lead his men to her stomping ground
Laid the bait
She tickled the street with her long 1970's retro steps
Grabbed some torn newspaper clippings in her fists
Stumbling now
Mumbling now
Crumbling down Patterson ballcourts for lock jaw flesh flashes
This was new ground for a lost little woman wizard
A precious dirty royalty
A secret vagrant miracle
Pungent lust fumes capture her neon senses
Pidgeon wing backbeats tamper the symphony relentless
The colonel tires of waiting
The men mask mutiny in brilliant optimistic break dance
We fall to glass ridden roadways to collect pocket fodder
We dial numbers in our heads for the second to second last chance
We reach to frail branches called fashion for a high step itinerary
We all collapse

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