Tuesday, January 10, 2006

jack horner self love in the corner jackoff the musical

don't touch that dial
she said with a smile
the action starts
the moment you look away
theres nothing to see
beneath the eye lids
so waste your time sleeping in
i'm just destroying everything i've grown to love
ruins stand beyond the the ignorance personified
the time to burn you favorite bridges has come
and in the end if you see an old friend
you'll be wise enough to throw yourself under the wheels
baby baby why can't we set fire to the land stretched out ahead
theres no sense in trying if you know that you can't breathe
but swallowing charcoal kind of helps with this disease....i don't know why
i never see it coming
but i'm partial to drinking gasoline
that might explain it
just the other day i can't remember but i think that it was
oh yeah the silhouette is shouting ambivalence in the corners of the mouth
collecting the folly of us all

and i found some driftwood and an old box of matches to start the ball a rolling home...

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Claude Richard said...

Happy New Year to contributors !