Saturday, January 07, 2006

today is the first day of the rest of the weekend

There's a witch doctor handing out information on viargra and a beautiful orgy of thought and madness culminating under the burnt auburn night sky i don't wanna be here anymore, well stay a little while till the drugs kick in and then magic baby, magic

the tides change so irrevocably and the days grow short leaving way for nights subtle and lasting embrace...the photographer meets you for still framed enlightenment out under the willow tree that weeps for you sullen

fresh picked prostitution in the produce isle of your lonesome heart her name was happiness, she cost a bundle, but for that time old adages were useless...

tip toe dance feet naked nest tomorrow sway the electricity in the air is like humping the big bang till your technicolor climax paints the inside of your levis to be displayed and scratch and sniffed for generations to cum.

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