Sunday, January 29, 2006

Westbound on Route 70, 31 December 2005 10pm

"this road reminds me of leaving my mom..."

Crack addicts in shell stations.
An army of automobiles all turning right
So an empty city can watch the "small" ball drop.
Walking in to an ice age of eyes
Like a movie about a bad party
Or a bad dream
Gaudy white christmas tree and ecstacy
All that's missing is shrimp cocktail and party hats...
nope, got them too

"reminds me of leaving my mom..."

More crack addicts from shell stations hitching rides to Cinnaminson
To meet italian boyfriends with dope
More shrimp cocktail, noise makers
Old men lighting off rockets in the middle of a downtown city block
Just to watch the "small" ball drop
Just because they survived another Three Hundred Sixty Five

"Reminds me of leaving my mom..."

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