Sunday, January 08, 2006

peace love lust and madness

i've got too much disease
i think
as the afternoon sets in
if the world keeps turning this way
then i think i may turn in
for a night without the tourment
and the bitter wreched taste
and i've broken every mirror
having memorized my face

so the tank is always full if there's a syphin in your mind
to soak up till the overflow starts touching other lives
and the fragrent personalities all strangling the bored
promoting golden copulations in the streets and on the floors

come again and call my name and i'll be wrestling the breeze
theres a bold new way to fuck yourself
but its terror on the knees
and now the barriers are cracking
and its time to vomit life
and no amount of sullen fingers could begin to plug the dykes...

peace love lust and madness
taking to the streets
a carnival on ever corner
and a new world at your feet
we watch the tides all turn and we're reaping
what you've sewn
but tommorrow the old world is being crushed
to build new home

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