Sunday, January 29, 2006

the refuge if the damned "stick out your tongue"

chewing gum uproots from intended final resting place
to join the traveling circus
getting all too often trampled underfoot as it were
i'm better, he agrees, when i work alone
twist offs and sly cork
divides to conquer lifes little issues
and i'm stone or silhouettes when the rain licks the nape of the neck
curious still passing time reminds
that i'm a victim
just trying not to feel the chains
cold steel and all its empty threats
i could chew through this wrist if need be
just need the vessel to carry me to him
he waits on golden bridge to welcome me home
the wharf and linseed oil
some cobble stones on steepest hills
i'm still running but this chewing gum
a bear trap
turn me loose

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