Monday, January 23, 2006

you wouldn't listen when I tried to help you drive

lost was the day
in dropping off and locking up
the time between closed eyes
and the still of waking up

so we drove
like we knew the roads
just staring straight ahead
the further we got
the farther we were
from where it all began

daydream clouds cause accidents
plowed from left to right
dissecting all the truthful bits
from the mess we made last night

driving on
the way misleads
the moss on trees
tends to deceive
and all those street signs
are cryptic whores

so plug in night-vision
while fleeing from direction
through heart break and back aches
flood water and earthquakes

just drive
forget about fondling insignificance
like the time we crashed the car
recall we nearly killed that officer of law
consider the angel was really his
not ours

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