Tuesday, January 31, 2006


there will be no forgiveness for myself or the remainder of the Big Five for our transgressions. the gods of this finely ordered universe will have no pity on us. it is one thing for individuals to bask in absurdity on their own, however, it is unforgivable to bring the unwitting with. even satanism and paganism speak to an established system within the confines of a logical cosmos, but we, the Big Five, year after year, have drug countless lost souls into the darkness of Pensylvania's belly to psychologically and spiritually tortured at the hands of all of the demons of madness, and then we've deserted them just after they've been broken by these animistic forces. for you, the most you have to fear is six more weeks of winter, but for myself and the rest of the Big Five, that is only where our troubles begin.

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