Thursday, March 23, 2006

.better days.

better days have passed...
if you're up for being let down
and if you get the feel
that you're not feeling anymore,
then pack it the fuck in...
and get out.
lose yourself
in the world
and in honesty.
make money,
make love,
make some lies too...
because all this talk about eternity
is making
and, if ever there was a time
when i wished you were here...
it'd be now.
so you could see how much
of a waste i became.
how sorry of a man i am.
and how very little i care these days.
in two years' time,
i'll be dead in a gutter
with a knife in my back
i'm sure...
and you won't come to the funeral.
but only because there won't be one.
guilt is a bitch.
but sharpened blades are even worse...
and you can't stab someone
from behind with iniquity.
just pull away from the curb
and pretend this talk
never even happened.
really, i don't think
you understand...
and that's why it's easy for me
to say you weren't.
you weren't much of anything.
you were the night
and the day.
but you weren't.
and it only took me five years
to find that out for myself.
you weren't much of anything.
i loved you.
but i found out that love...
well, love...
is something for suckers to hold onto.

1 comment:

Lilly said...

I'm rather fond of your exquisite and prolific punctuation.....

the words are wonderful as well

...glad to have you abored