Wednesday, March 08, 2006

restless hopeless drunken focus

attempting, at best, to be someone I could love, to be someone you could even stand to be around
im not very good at much and by much i mean im a completely helpless waste of life
i guess i would try to get up out of this miserable bed i made for myself
but i kept getting tugged back into by the woman in the shape of a whiskey sour
and i hope it makes you happy that im suffering this way
im ignoring all the answers cuz they dont make any sense to me
im rewriting all the questions so i can bitch about it more
and im drunk of all my mistakes and hopes because they're both the same
i cant write fast enough to avoid the liquour from doing the talking
and i cant care enough to avoid the liquour
i love the way your heart beats when im passign out on your chest
but you're not realy even there so this is just pretend
but i can sure feel that pitter patter like you were right here
with my hand on your breast and you speak softly of my inebriation
you'd tell me im too far gone to love you tonight
and id give you that agreeing goodnight kiss
there's no morning that could be as warm as one next to you
when the dawn cracks open my walnut eyes
you always felt me waking up and knew just what to say
"last night is alright you dotn have to explain"
and wine can get me romantic, but this whiskey will get me just where i want to be
my hands are working hard to keep my body from toppling down
when i reach for the bottle i know i wont faulter now
and i can love it like no other and just let it hush
and no one has to understand or ask questions that dont have answers
because between me and the lines of clouded thoughts
we dance till dawn and everyone can touch me to get to you
you're a whore and i can accept that because you have such a bitter taste
but ciggareeteessand cheap wine
are no one without youre blessssssssssing
we dont have points of view we jsut have different blurs in our visions

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