Monday, March 20, 2006

boys and girls with untied boots

I usta be a scientist you know
and an activist to boot
with an iron clad will and tummy
now I’m soft round and peculiar
and thinking things like

Truth can be made from word sculpture
Coffee at sunrise and moonset
can make a girl jumpy
Now I get it
the reds to calm you down
but then you forget
and fall in love too much
so you travel

All the time with your bags packed
little sister your life is wild
and the boys you hang around with
know how to dance
Is this the life for me?
Or am I blowing my chances

to be a disciplined child of order
With all this kitten tongued romance
with this karaoke prolonged exuberance
I can never be
academia’s favored daughter
Then the drink is so sweet and
there’s adventure in those veins
and red meat on the plate
Who could resist the opportunity

to gamble on these untied bootlace movements
The fitful temptation filled measures
of boys and girls in revelation

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