Thursday, March 09, 2006

Someday soon, I'm running home

Just under the surface there are points of light
Stars that fell long ago wet and alive
It was my dogs’ discovery
When she was digging

It brings me back to balanced times
Not so long ago when I knew well
The smell and feel
When my prayers
Were carried in the smoke

I had time then and solitude
And self control
I’ve lost I guess that quality
To charm the birds

It calls me now with its fallen stars
And taste of mystery
Dig deeper child
It seems to say

The song she sings may grow
To fever pitch some warm day soon
An itch I can’t resist
Moth to moon flower

I’ll run toward this and leave my life here
Back into the brush and thistle
With trees to climb
Where you have to look to see
Listen to hear

I think of sins that might be forgiven
The day I run home
My cigarette broadcasting the sacred
Toward falling stars