Wednesday, March 08, 2006

pebbles in the rain

his mother, oh daughter, and how you can caress
a man who signals his distress
you'll burn the candles at the right time
the sky will open in its night time
bridges and byways
collecting these highways
in a bucket of numbers on the dash
like a toy chest that fills too fast
are you a part of the machinery that surrounds your place
with the most comforting gaze on an android's face
like you're a part of the machinery down the street
but you know whats right for a boy that needs some sleep
his mother, dear daughter,
alone to tend the multitude
daughter, nurturer,
romance like milk from your breast
so tell me when the time is right
tell me when you must send me along
across the bridges and byways
under the new jersey skyway
i wont hesitate to call it a romance
whether daughter or mother
passenger and guide
for as long as the rain will hide us in this room...

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