Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Little Ditty About The Truth

called me "the Truth" you did
and I wondered what you had behind those words
because we’re not even friends
can’t even bullshit the breeze
over unenlightened cups of coffee
so yeah I’m a little bitter
cause I’m starting to think
you just like
the way they’ll write
in all those books
and shit

then there’s the one who
no one really knew
over red city wine
would politely ask
for photographs
and eventually set them
with "true love" as the caption
and sing to me
only to disappear deep
into a self-absorbed fog
without truth or telling it
so don’t hold my hand when your here
don’t even fucking stand next to me

it’s like beating a dead dog
when I choose to talk
about the heroin
and that long lost friend
and his fall
but once again, from start to end
there was no truth there
except my love and what I gave
but I’m starting to think
now that you’ve lost the haze
that maybe what you feel is true
or maybe you’re just addicted to your emotions
so stop calling me and fucking with mine

lets talk the truth for a minute here
and I’m gonna be brutal, to make myself clear
I no longer have time
to read the crap between the lines
so when we meet and if we talk
I would rather you just give me
all you got
instead of a plateful of sweet pretty white lies
or raw throbbing emotion under layers of disguise
cause I really don’t need any more cavities
and it’s always been hard for me to digest red meats
so just say what you want
whether you feel it’s right or not
cause baby, the truth may be hard
but these bones are strong
this heart is true and thick
and I’m pretty sure
I can handle it

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