Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a flash dance picture of you

daft feet movin
with wild mambo
or salsa,
or some strange kinda hop jazz
just fightin the hotel floorboards
stampin out melding flower patterns

and I thought you were still wound
with song on your brain
and imprints of narcotic dance
holding holy hot metal
and coils of wire
whipping about

each step was forever
as the hallway stretched
away as you shuffled oddly
and the air conditioning
and the florescent lighting
roared in epic battle with my mind

my skin was strawberry seeds
and the white light moaned
around your wiggle
as I drew closer to your movements
and humming ice hoards
and colorful cavities encased

filthy toes boppin around
and the sound of your dancing frenzy
caught the drum of my ear
that elevator whisper
that jingle, that silly secret noise
and my face nearly fell off laughing

the ceiling was singing
and you stood in 4 by 8
full sound barrier swing
the music was like light fog rollin in
over our heads settling
heavy on our souls

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