Thursday, March 09, 2006


tomorrow I’ll be leavin
but today I’m just here thinkin
it’s kinda dark in here
and I really don’t wanna turn the light on

I wanna remember when
all these thoughts crammed in my head
how "I" came to be
and where the road wants to take me
so I just gotta leave

for a while I tried to be free
I tried to fly
I tried to sing
and don’t mean to place blame
on what’s driving me insane
but I just gotta leave

I’m gonna say straight up
I’m a sucker for all that pretty stuff
half-hearted whispered words
secret smiles and fluttering birds
intense eyes
delving deep into mine
but I just gotta leave

to forget all that enchanting shit
and the tingle between the hips
the slow dance and the romance
the red wine has no chance
for a while its just me
and the gray cat at my feet
and maybe I’ll remember how to dream
but for now I just gotta leave

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Dr. Weezil said...

Read this on the 23rd