Wednesday, March 15, 2006

coming to terms with what hurts

25 minutes ago
we were one forgotten republic
and you're a mess
and I'm on track
and I'm not even
sad about that

cause you've got your choices
and me,I've made mine
and maybe
one day together
we'll step in time
but now I'm all movement
and you're stationary shrine
I'm all rhythm
with no use for rhyme

when I’ve gone away
I'll buy a card that’ll say
some silly sweet line
like ''Hope you're well, I'm doing fine"
still I'll remember a time
under cloak of red wine
where your life intended
to smash into mine
and a love I could never find
without the help of you steady hand
in the back of my mind

You're good
real good
maybe lost
in all those big city lights
and it's yourself that you fight
cause you're afraid to live
and me, well,
I've got so much to give
and I don't plan on stoppin any time soon

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