Wednesday, March 08, 2006

File It Away

a good poem is when no one else ever attains it
because it's torn to shreds
from all the times you've read it aloud to yourself
and let your own words echo their meanings across the chasms in your head

a good poem is one read carefully and painfully
through spatters of blood and watermarks from tears
read by someone the writer will never know
who files it away in the evidence room for years

but a great poem is the one you've never finished,
the one you'll never know
the one you won't receive applaud for
the one you'll never show
the one that racked your brain for nights
trying to conquer anything post-scribble
what makes this the greatest poem?
because it


random strings of code said...

This poem was a reaction to sartre6770's poem about well... good poems. It is in no way meant to be taken as an insult, just a different point of view. No firebombs please.

Publisher said...

shit man, i think your poem blew mine away to bad we did this in march otherwise it would be in this next issue of the idiom, but its defintly going into the next one,

the best compliment anyone can receive is a parady