Saturday, April 15, 2006

cherished moments before the last deadly inhale

like this
i see us dance
and i see you dance
in your beautiful bow and boots
while April’s in full blow rocker swing
and i don’t find a problem there

then a little old school
like a shock to the spine
the face, a refreshing cock-tail of time
and memories of the starting smoke
and the ending smoke
in this holy tavern

but like a god
the giant came
and spoke and drank for moments only
demanding slot changes
from a white nosed promotional dreamer
with a dancing song in his comic mind

where you'll find me?
out back, in a low lit ally
making love
to an opiate dream
with the uprising shadow
of Billy Bragg himself

1 comment:

Apotheosis said...

We will again, you mark my words for smokers know when to fight!