Saturday, April 29, 2006

It ain’t been that long
Since I been this drunk
But I’ve had a forever
Between goodbyes

So I guess tonight’s
As good as any to say
What I been needin’ to say
To the woman, that leader
Who made my dreams a fact

I won’t go into dreams
I can’t go into wishes
But you should know
I love you Nan

We got a baby now
And you got your mind back
Up there or wherever you are
You got your mind back now

And I’m handlin’ this
I got it down
And all your grand kids
They got it down

We’ll be Okay
We got so many
And maybe that
Was your plan

But he’s a mess
I think he’ll be there soon
So you don’t have to wait
No, you don’t have to wait

I got a while before
I can see you again
But not too long
Before I feel you again
When I burry the bread

I got you
And that little girl
Shes’ got you too
I spent all day with her
But you know
Yeah you know
You know it all
You got your mind back

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