Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just Don't Say it Again

I was star struck to see you at my party until I finally saw you drink
And oh so disappointed to hear the things you think
We were playing card games made for doing shots and the slapstick backdrop was our soundrtack
I stood up, stumbled backward, and told the ceiling I felt sick
My eyes rolled back and i told my left eyebrow i was gonna go lay down
You took advantage of half empties on the coffee table
Some Misguided rugby shirt collapsed into the pool in the backyard
No one noticed but everyone was aware
And that's when it hit me
That awful thing you'd said the night before
That disgusting little sentiment you casually threw my way
So I struggled to my feet and burped up the beer suds in my throat
I staggered into your vision
I grabbed you by the collar brutishly
Swung my head recklessly and groaned, "Just don't say it again...I love you, too."

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