Saturday, April 08, 2006

new days

It started like a warm summer day until,your nose tuched the morning air
Thoughts of beginnings raced through my head
things like acorns,leafs,and new branches
this was an ending to begin and a beginning to an end
i intende dto start and started to intend
life simply i analyzed to certain terms
some things brought difficulty
but nature rose sun shiuned moon gleamed night bloomed
earth was showing mad love
mind metamorphed spirit rose
rising to astral plane i went through portals
sled through demensions
thoughts now destined as i perched on mountains high above
exploring possiblities unknown
i realized above my temple jewels never seen glimmering like aligned planetary positions
now being under transformation soul cleansed
to clarity demons physical not sparing through devils
i pierce with stares spoke a constant double edge prophecy
relived revieled revelations eye awakened to apply realization

dedicated to liz

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