Friday, April 14, 2006

correspondence between hatter and hare


you love....and ditty bop....i'm well again and sorry for my callousness...hearts forget to fly sometimes and i was surly cause lost was i ...but now i'm fine and let’s make with the wine and music friend and laugh and maybe we'll dust'll be more fun that way!

i'm going to take a blood test then to want some breakfast? can come...i'm getting in the shower... hope you are naked and well....

(here's where i stick out my tongue and go bllhhpppppppppppppppppp)


My sweetest Hare,

I love when you use your tongue but sugar britches I am miles away and captive in the institution, alas dear I have much to say to you, so long as this latest report is correct and you are indeed in better spirits.
Further more and also I was wondering if not our correspondence may allow some information on how you would be getting to the Saint, that most holy of venues, to see my current slumber partner. I think I may drive myself maddly if you were in need of transport.


Sincerely for the most part,

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