Monday, April 24, 2006

hot poker ending apathy

So often to be looking through windows, or down corridors
Without the power to fight time
Being swallowed slowly by ones own ennui
And lolling roly-poly while the rain titters at the sill
It must be a joke, free will
So slow and apathetic
Only in moments to brief to depend on
Can one search for that white hot brand;
A prod to goad you so desperately need
Like the forgotten fruit a person can
Slouch and lounge in filthy dish ...
And wait to rot!
Oh, but when one finds that switch,
Or it finds them
So much more than a nudge poke and provoke await
And no more looking out windows, and no more walking down corridors
No more to lay about in filth
All sunshine and breeze will gather them up
And lift them too, to the feet of the gods
While so close to the sun all a persons leaden excess
May melt away like globs of fat
And so does the fat melt and drip and sizzle
On the asphalt beneath personality soaring
Whatever paths should choose to take
In days of blue and yellow
And cut grass smells to revel in
Whatever paths
All your steps will be light and sunlight
Your love will bob buoyant in your lemon aid spirit
Like so many toy boats in the cool clean waters of Lake Verve

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