Friday, April 07, 2006


Yeah, we got that wild life
With uncombed hair
And switchback values
Mirrored in the untamed ways
The wind blows
Tall grass sways
Or flocks move

Our women
Like desert blooms
Wild flower butterflies
You don’t know where they come from
Where they go when they have gone
It’s the fickle wild splendor that turns you on

And these men
Well, these men are mountain lions
Not afraid to drink that bourbon
These men are wolves
Not ashamed to sing to the moon
They got that fearsome native attitude

So together we should rage
Against those who would straighten rivers
Calling landscape real estate
Contest the fools that sterilize
And try to cultivate
Terrain we know should be free
Like us

‘Cause there’s no adventure to be found
In manicured lawn, suburban homes
Give me that rock and roll geology!
Give me that untamed sunset!
And I’ll give you
My feral child smile
With a radical battle hymn

When they look at us
All they’ll see is wildlife


Lilly said...

only takers with delusions
while we stand free in the rain


Apotheosis said...

you get me sweetie