Thursday, April 27, 2006

pilowtalk love story collage from fragments

well baby, honestly,
i'm all smoke and mirrors
with a world
makin promises I can't keep

i squandered my fortune
on pop rocks and pixie sticks
in the moonlight and the lust

so lets drink
and the BIGDREAM
get the road goin
get the soul rollin
get it all on

and yeah baby
i'll just meet you up aways
at that spot they call the future
or down the road at the next one

did anyone ever tell you
about the shape of the earth?
its round
and aren't we lucky
cuz at every moment
there's a new top
to the tumblin, rollin ball
out there in the blackness
and all the rest is below
with its nowhere kids in stairwells
and its perfect dawns breaking
every crazy way

the sidewalk cracks
of an old man's face
this roads to old
or its been rolled around
to many times
in this mind

but every shootin beam
of space travellin
new and fresh
through my eye

so cue the guitar
and a folk lyric
maybe a daydream
about a hip beauty
with hips that walk away
with her

wild eyes jitterin
and the night'll tell you stories
then run away with them
there's a phantom of a scent of memory
in every lick of firelight
and thats this wild eyes jitterin life

so shakes off that moonglow baby
can thos electonic shivers and echoes
cuz there's a barefoot dance step
and we got a future
we can forget about

you wore your short skirt tonight
and the way it moves
makes me think of feathers

whats a little
sand in yer shoes
a hand in yer pants
we can taste the morning
when it sneeks in the window

i'll be the story
of your breath
and you be those memory scents
in all those licks of firelight
cuz baby
we got diamond eyes
cuttin a universe shape
outta the nothin blackness
and we got fingers and feet
and still remember the texture
of a lizard life
in our hypocampus

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