Sunday, April 30, 2006

very very big family

Preparations are
So hard to make
Not in my hands
Thank god

It’s like
The feeling of air cross
Eyes that been cryin’
Stuffed belly whailin’
Ply your grief with lunch meat

Photographs of long ago
Thank god for photographs
Who is my grand pap?
Who is my family?
So big

Very very big
Cousins and cousins
And family
Oh god so very big

Gotta get in good with god
Be seein’ him for days to come
Lady you know your stuff
Hope I don’t burst inta flames
Family so very big

Thank god for cousins
Ones that drink wine
Ones that talk shop and then
Talk of good times then go

Wake me in the mornin’ mom
I mean
Wake me in the mornin’ cuz
We gotta bar to be at

Walkin’ from there
To the funeral home
And thenWalkin’ from there to the ever after

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