Thursday, January 06, 2011

Drunk with You

I just want to drink with you
Laugh and sway and tip off the stool
When I'm out and about and on my own
the point is more than less apealing and I am just alone
But the breeze today feels like a promise to myself I'm keeping

I want to drink to get drunk and fall asleep next to you
In my bed, in yours, wrapped in something that's ours
Knots of legs and arms and snores
Waking after noon
Smiling kisses yawn

Now I'm no alcoholic,
 tho some may lie suspect 
Like my father who claims he remains one step
always in front of me
Or the other one who shares his blood, his dark circles and rececive genes
Who calls me with the moon 
Slurs his way over the wire
Liquor dripping fool
Crashing gates with a cigar smile 

No I'm not like them 
No, im sure
i've been back and forth with it before
Tumbled it again and again
Around the swelling in my head 
I tried it out 
To drink em down 
And wash away
Faces names 
Love and pain
But they remain and that's okay

Cause I want to drink with you today
Lay down our swords read between the lines
Make memories I can play back when we're old
Just killin time

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