Thursday, January 06, 2011

Screwcap Nights

Screwcap wines were made just for late night walks home from the liquor store

The sidewalks closed so you walk the street
Screwcap wine chenched in your fist
Running your tounge across chapped lips
December numbs the fingertips
You let time slip
And there you meet
On the corner of forever
And never
Fate greets you with a fish hook grin
And asks you for a screwcap sip
You pull up a curb and take a seat
Cross your fingers and tap your feet
A long pull from the bottle then wipes his chin
Fate does his dance and you join in
And down it goes the screwcap nose
Till you're back home
Warm in the bones
And fate, the smile and sigh you met
One screwcap night you won't regret

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