Thursday, January 06, 2011

We're all addicts or ex's

The sun will be up soon 
Cyotts howls high the moon
Wrapped up in the back 
Of captians truck again
Cold feet, strange sleep

This time of year only last
A different hill
Same thoughts still
Of you and Where you're at

Out there with the road
Singing bold yer soul 
High and on a roll
Stumbling, juggling
Wonder kid
Livin to live
Perfecting it

Playing back secrets
Kept locked up and key less
Your gental guitar
And the rain on the cars
The sound of the dogs
Claw on the floorboards
Working in the next room
Remembering the tune
Strummed over and over 
You were hiding
Staying sober
The rain on the windows
You lightly hum notes 
We were silent for hours
Those momments were ours 
Hillside again
The air begining to crisp
The fall upon us
And it's you that I miss

And it doesn't hurt 
Like it should
Like I thought it would
Now you're on your own
Have a heart that is full
Time smiles wrinkled with a memory  
Of what you felt like when you did


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