Thursday, January 06, 2011

you and your sad song

Been waking up with Buckley 
Rollin round my head like a hangover
Been wicked in the bones 
Broken fever stones
Been feelin more like leftover
Each city day and fog here 
Tired bolder, growin older
Then I have in years

Been waking up with Buckley
Lyrics bouncin off my brain
Screaming like an engine
Singin about downin again
Been reliving all these stories
Never to be told
Been limping into morning
And longing for the road

One that leaves me on your doorstep
And wraps me in your arms
One that begins in sunsets
That we can share as ours

One that takes me far from here
And closer to my heart
One to make me face the fears
That worm their way throughout my thoughts

Been waking up with Buckley
And a ringing in my ear
Pulling myself out of a hat
If that hasn't been yet made clear
Been wonderin what time of day
You wake up on your coast
And if you put the coffee on
Before or after your first smoke  

I've been waking up to Buckley
Wailing lonely in the corner of the room
Dreaming of the day when instead I'll be waking up to you


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