Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sometimes I let my mind wander

God I'm wide awake again
Crawling round inside my skin
Just can't seem to get this thing right
Yawn away the daylight hours and toss away the night
Wheels they turn, teeth clench and grind
Thoughts weave their way through webs of mind 
And intertwine behind my eyes with things I've seen or keep inventing
Part of me still pretending I never was born, never could have been

If I could I'd fall asleep and sleep in 
Neglect the mourning rays peakin in
Draw the curtains so no one can see in
Lock the door and lose the key ring
Drop it down a canyon
Watch it bounce of rocks and land in
A wild river rushing 
To greet the wide wide ocean
Where it's swallowed by a stergen
As by he goes swiftly swimming
Who's swooped up by a pelican
A few higher on the food chain
Who gulps his catch down in
One deep breath and then
Later dies from poor digestion 

All these feelings
Dead nerve endings
Washing over me
Keeping sleep at bay
Patiently I wait
As the waves break
One after another
Crash in upon eachother
As I tire
And slip away.... 


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