Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Call This One Telling

houses lay unbroken
'til I 'grace' a new front door
you could be the newest victim
precious on the floor

spilling drinks in dining rooms
where mothers served your meals
new grounds for the fallen boys
and all their deals

put me in your mouth
and spit me hard against the ground
I've not been the worst mistake
since the last you found

ring the bells in town square
grace me with the fetid stench
of one more lonely hidden ace
on a picnic bench

she can say all he can sway
together there's a game
put the bloody toys away
award their fame

the loser and the gambler here
are skewed and so the same
the mark is stamped on champions
with dangerous names

they take the knives of suits and ties
and brand a grand new noose
they'll wrap it 'round your neck and claim
they hung you loose

forget the bloody bottom
when you see the shiny top
if bitter boys will kill you
for your bottle tops

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