Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm cleaning out my 2010 closet- these are all remnants found at the bottom of it- Im calling the lot of them: Afternoon Eggs


Going back to landlines 
Scattered thoughts two cents lost
The drain is clogged
Splitting logs
For the fire inside

We hide in our little spaces
And make family outta strangers
Growing closer with the cold 
Cracking jokes just to keep warm

I remember what the seasons lost
When you move from coast to coast 

It took three to fill the shoes left behind from loving you

Little birds with hollow bones
The way they fall and sore 
As if they're one

Someone said you must pay
For the tounge you trip over 
And the words you don't say

Drunk and in your truck
Blownout eardrumbs
Didgits numb
The wrong kinda bumps
Hood rat stuff

I'll talk to a cigarette any day
Probably till they talk me to death

Hey there little robin 
Pickin through the corn
The day is commin 
Soon now
Wild little one 

We're all going deaf
And  we trip on our tounges

Found the holy ghost
Lurking throughout 
the walls of Madrone
Caution now
Don't get caught

I like finding 
your broken guitar strings
On the floor of my room
By stepping on them 
Even when they sting

Don't irritate the dinosaurs

We are next generation acid causualties 
Over sencitive cry babies
Viens collapsing
Music freaks

Down some San franciscan street rambles a rittilin kid, an entertainment writter who's lost his goddamn mind.... 

There's a special relationship between the toast and the egg

It's a nice night in the city of your heart

Destiny calls from the mensroom stall
"buy her a drink on me!" 
As they humbly fumble through a gold cane Monday
New friends and pool sharks
Dropping quarters in the juke box
Getting caught w/ bathroom bumps
Walkin home way too drunk 
Losing all of Tuesdays charm

Some things you just do.

Why do you make me feel so good
Read the words over and over
Make sence of something
And something from nothing

Take off your clothes and fall into bed
Tried to find a home in people
Tired and tired and tired of sleeping

It is weird out there

One silver leg warmer had fallen down to her ankle
She had no idea how good it looked 

How do you jump in heart first? 

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joe said...

My favorites:

"I'll talk to a cigarette any day
Probably till they talk me to death"

"There's a special relationship between the toast and the egg"

"Don't irritate the dinosaurs"